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  • Announcing the new FFXIV Buff Schedule!

    Hi everyone,

    After considerable discussion, the Officer team is very pleased to present our new buff schedule for the Final Fantasy XIV chapter!

    • This new schedule introduces Sunday “Fun Day”; every Saturday a poll will go up here on the forums where members can vote on the buffs for the following Sunday, so everyone has a full week to decide what they’d like to see. PVP? MGP? Chocobros? You decide! The top two winners will be put in effect! The first poll is already up!
    • Crafting Wednesdays; the FC’s crafters made a strong case for introducing a +10 Control. We were originally going to go with a few hours but decided to make it a full day affair!
    • Nightly Raiding Buffs; Raiding buffs will now go up at 7pm Eastern and down at 1am every single day. This is a significant change from our previous policy, of only putting the buffs up for Flights on demand. Everyone can now depend on a set schedule to take advantage of these!

    Here’s the schedule:

    — Everyday: Raid buffs (Meat and Mead and Proper Care) go up at 7pm Eastern and are replaced at 1am.

    — Monday: Reduced Rates and Earth and Water (Gathering)
    — Tuesday: Reduced Rates and Proper Care (Reset Tuesday)
    — Wednesday: Reduced Rates and In Control (Crafting)
    — Thursday: Reduced Rates and Proper Care (Reset Replay Thursday)
    — Friday: Reduced Rates and The Heat of Battle (Adventuring)
    — Saturday: Reduced Rates and The Heat of Battle (Adventuring)
    — Sunday: Varies based on weekly poll ("Fun Day")
    This new schedule will go into effect Monday, June 20th. Thank you to everyone that took part in the buff discussions over the last few weeks, and we hope you’ll Please Look Forward To It!(tm)
    This article was originally published in forum thread: Announcing the new FFXIV Buff Schedule! started by Okaria View original post
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