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  • AKS Podcast 4: WildStar!

    We are happy to present the fourth Aureus Knights podcast!

    Listen above or download the pocast. (Right click and Save As). The podcast is also available on iTunes. (It might take some time to reach their servers)

    RJO, Bigcedric, Daku and Sarvas sit down and discuss the upcoming MMO WildStar!

    We cover:
    Expectations for the game going in to launch
    Casuals and core gamers in a HARDCORE world
    Gear vs Skill in a unique combat system
    What features we are most excited for!
    Looking forward to PvP
    Thoughts on Housing
    Crafting, the economy and CREDD
    Path System, Underwhelming, or Under Appreciated?
    Will it last?
    Flavor and Lore as Feature
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