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  • End of Beta 4 Event - After Action Report

    I just want to open this after action report and say that I'm really sorry to the folks with the 3012 error who could not attend. You were all missed and we look forward to doing another social event like this one in Uldah come launch so you all can partake. And so we can have more naked people.

    With over 130 recruits going in to the servers coming up we had high expectations for just how awesome this weekend was going to be and we were not disappointed. This weekend was a serious high water mark in the guild's history. We had strong activity in mumble (70 people at 5am, I never thought I'd say the day - and we've had some busy early mornings with launches in the past), in our two linkshells (yes, we filled two linkshells) and in Eorzea playing the game.

    People were exploring a new world together, people were having fun and the AKS family was growing and evolving in new and exciting ways.

    So to celebrate we just had to throw a party. Following the success of our end of beta 3 event we just couldn't miss an opportunity to get everyone together for a screenshot and some other antics. Here's just some of what went down.

    AKS Ready to March by RJO, on Flickr

    Here we are getting ready to move out. We voted and decided to start in Limsa and I'm kind of glad we did. It's a really beautiful city ot march around in.

    A Long Line by RJO, on Flickr

    We had quite the showing despite the login problems. Over 40 Knights showed up to parade through Limsa.

    Guild Group Phase 4 by RJO, on Flickr

    Here's the group shot! What a great group.

    Wave Everyone by RJO, on Flickr

    Waving. Herding cats edition.

    I said cast a few spells! by RJO, on Flickr

    I asked for some spell effects. I might have been a little ambitious with 40 people.

    The Light of Carby by RJO, on Flickr

    Before we got in to the racial group shots we decided to do a carby photo shoot. It really didn't work out as planned, mostly because it turns out 10+ carbies generate more light than the sun.

    Falafel Waffles by RJO, on Flickr

    Falafel Waffles represent!

    PANIC! by RJO, on Flickr

    Obligatory /panic!

    Cat People by RJO, on Flickr

    Cat people. We have a few.

    Waving Cat People by RJO, on Flickr

    They are a friendly lot at least!

    The other races of Eorzea by RJO, on Flickr

    Roe's and Elz representing. There might not be many of them but they are fierce.

    But they have great emote timing by RJO, on Flickr

    And a credit to them. They know how to coordinate emotes... unlike someeeeee people...

    Humans represent! by RJO, on Flickr

    Humans represent! By far they had the best looking armor as a group. And very coordinated. What's up with that?

    "Air Quotes" by RJO, on Flickr

    Air quotes! Made 100% better with oven mitts.

    Oh oh, getting naked by RJO, on Flickr

    After the group shots were done you know what time it is... It's time for a pants off dance off.

    Ready to naked march! by RJO, on Flickr

    Not only do we party naked... we march through town and bring the party to the citizens of Gilgamesh!

    Jumping naked off a cliff by RJO, on Flickr

    Hard to see... but this is me leading naked lemmings off the cliff!

    Taking on 30 something mobs by RJO, on Flickr

    So we're naked. We've marched through Limsa, we've gone out to Mist to the housing area and we've done pretty much everything we can do to party like its the temporary end of the world as we know it. So what next? Trying to get ourselves killed of course! Most succeeding, per the above evidence.

    But we did beat him! by RJO, on Flickr

    I'm dead. However we did manage to recover and take down the FATE.

    Gates of a Garlean Outpost by RJO, on Flickr

    So level 30 mobs couldn't kill us. And we needed a free ride home. So what were we to do? Find level 50 mobs duh!

    This is the gates of a Garlean Empire outpost. We did actually manage to kill some of the guards but one at a time was too easy. So what do we do?

    Running the gauntlet! by RJO, on Flickr

    Turn it in to a gauntlet duh! The shot above is of the people who actually managed to run ALLLLL the way in to the back of the base and back out again. They are the proud, the few, the bat shit crazy.

    A really memorable night to close out a first chapter in what will be one of our best chapters in the history of the guild.

    Thank you to everyone who attended - it was a great, fun event in the true AKS style.

    If you want to see all of my screenshots check them out here.

    See you all in Early Access.
    This article was originally published in forum thread: End of Beta 4 Event - After Action Report started by RJO View original post
    Comments 7 Comments
    1. Mister Daku's Avatar
      Mister Daku -
      Oh, man! So sorry I couldn't make it.

      Glad you all had loads of fun, and here's looking to launch!
    1. JThomasShort's Avatar
      JThomasShort -
      Tons of fun, but I wish everybody would have been able to make it!
    1. JoProGaming2k's Avatar
      JoProGaming2k -
      IGN: Vasmii Delledonne

      Had fun, I hate was unable to really chat much on Mumble, when I did get on, I was drowned out by continuous chat.. so... I simply focused on prepping for Early access. The Guild Event, was fun and great. I hope to be apart of many more.

      I will be more involved with runs after launch.

      I loved it.
    1. GingerBeardMan's Avatar
      GingerBeardMan -
      That all looked very fun! I busted out laughing seeing what everyone got to do and despite being locked out of the server this was still fun to read!
    1. Tenryou's Avatar
      Tenryou -
      aw man in both the miqo'te pictures my character is looking off like he saw something interesting XD
    1. Ade's Avatar
      Ade -
      Great pictures wish I could of got pass the lockout boss to join!
    1. Drachen Streik's Avatar
      Drachen Streik -
      Awesome pictures! Wish I had been there. Yay for AKS.
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