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  1. Introducing Our Slack Community

    Earlier this year, our community transitioned from using IRC and Google Hangouts to Slack for guild coordination and our everyday conversations. We really love the Slack experience, which has proven to be a vastly better user experience for our members. Aside from the web-based chat, Slack also offers an array of great desktop and mobile apps for all your devices.

    Want to join the chat?
    If you'd like to join our Slack community, you can request an invite at ...

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  2. Holding Back Server Names Does More Harm Than Good

    Carbine is using a tired and ineffective page from the MMO operations play book. In order to avoid mega servers, that is servers that are overflowing with a disproportionate % of the population trying to setup there, they are holding back the names of their servers.

    On paper this sounds like a good plan, but the reality is holding back the names of servers removes the ability for large communities to effectively plan.

    There was a time in FFXIV Aureus Knights was ...
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  3. The Next Gen Kinda Sucks (For Now)

    The Next Gen Kinda Sucks (For Now)
    I started this weekend with a bit of a mission - I was going to upgrade some aspect of my gaming life. I more or less thought this was going to mean getting a next gen console and I figured it’d mean getting a PS4.

    Now as a proud member of the PC Gaming Master Race I started where I should, could I upgrade my computer in a way that made financial sense?

  4. 2012 Prediction Recap: I didn't do so hot edition PART 2

    *** This is the second part of my predictions recap blog post for 2012 ***

    Next up, EQ Next:

    Everquest Next is announced. It is (at least on paper – all we’ll see this year) a theme park MMO with a fresh approach of mixing in strong sandbox/virtual world elements. EQ:N won’t release until 2013 or even beyond.
    I'll take a half point here. EQ Next wasn't announced so much as it was temporarily unannounced. Where I will take the points however ...
  5. 2012 Prediction Recap: I didn't do so hot edition PART 1

    *** This is a repost of a post that ran on my blog ***

    Prediction season - oh how I love you. In most years its a time for me to show off just how insightful and connected I am to the games industry, this year however I suspect might be a different beast. I really didn't see the force F2P was going to be this year (I really did think it'd be Pay to Plays year to come back with a vengeance) amongst other things. So let's get right to it and look at my predictions ...
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